Nancy Graham

Landscape Designer

Nancy Graham is from Van Wyck, South Carolina, a small rural community outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Her passion for landscape architecture began with a desire to promote engagement of the pastoral setting of her community while protecting it from the sprawling growth of a larger city.  Upon receiving her Bachelors in Landscape Architecture with Honors from Clemson University, she relocated to the Intermountain West to gain experience in a new environment, concentrating in resort planning and design.

Now residing in Boston, she has been able to work on a range of projects at different scales, from institutional projects, housing developments, cemetery designs, to urban parks and streetscapes.  Her understanding and passion for landscape architecture evolves with each project, but she remains committed to creating beautiful, inclusive outdoor spaces which engage all types of users.

  • Nancy started designing wine cellars while living in Salt Lake City, UT six years ago and continues to design wine cellars on occasion
  • Nancy lived in Salt Lake City for four years where she hiked avidly, took up snowboarding, and explored the beautiful landscape of the intermountain west
  • She currently lives in East Boston where she enjoys Santarpio’s, nearby beaches, and the view of Boston’s skyline